Austempering is done to create bainite for steel materials and ausferrite for cast irons. Beynite is a plate-like microstructure formed in steels at temperatures of 125–550 ° C depending on the alloy content. The ausferrite is a microstructure containing acicular ferrites.

The workpieces are brought to the curing temperature during the process, then the martensite is cooled quickly enough to a temperature above the initial temperature, usually in a salt bath, and kept at this temperature for a sufficient time until the desired bainite / ausferrite structure is obtained.

During this process, the tendency to deformation and crack formation in parts is lower than in oil quenching environments.

Contribution of this process to steel and cast iron materials,

• Higher ductility, impact resistance and wear resistance for a certain hardness,
• Fatigue strength increases
• Dimensional stability increases in heat treatment and operating conditions
• Increased wear resistance for a given hardness

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