About Us

Alpha Metalurji, which has been established by Alper, Insa and Tamçelik Heat Treatment companies that have been serving the industry of our country for nearly 40 years,works with its experienced team to provide quality service at the appropriate place and time with its facilities opened in the major industrial cities of our country in order to meet the heat treatment needs of its customers.

With a total of seven facilities in four different cities, Alpha customers have access to many different metal heat treatments, from stainless steels to titanium alloys. These processes are applied in all facilities with the same understanding of quality. The extensive facility network is designed to provide customers with uninterrupted heat treatment service.

There are many different types and sizes of furnaces and equipment in Alpha, where all heat treatments can be performed to improve the properties of metals and alloys. This wide equipment infrastructure provides Alpha customers with the opportunity to obtain high quality heat treatment service economically.

Alpha, attaching importance to combining equipment infrastructure with qualified manpower, trains both technicians and engineering teams for up-to-date standards and practices.

Aiming to lead the heat treatment market in terms of botch commercial size and quality, Alpha has adopted customer-oriented management as a management style in all heat treatment services, especially in aviation, defense and automotive. In this context, the facility and flexible heat treatment solution designed in accordance with the customer’s request are developed specifically for each sector.

Alpha Heat Treatment facilities, which serve a wide range from the simplest parts of our daily life to engineering materials used in the space age, blend 40 years of experience with modern international applications and become a partner in customer problems. Alpha provides these services with approved quality certificates.

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